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Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website

I’m a therapist, supervisor, trainer and coach. I’m passionate about my work and love my clients and students.

Trained in the humanistic Person Centered Approach, (Carl Rogers) I adapt my work to what is needed in the moment with my clients.


I offer deep transformation, using guided visualisations and creative material, as well as narratives. 

I work in both English and French.

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I’m a therapist (European accreditation), supervisor, trainer and coach. I’m passionate about my work and love my clients and students.


As a painter and sculptor, I find non-verbal means of communication important to offer to my clients so I have developed guided visualisation scripts and creative tools that embrace creativity to release each person’s unique potential.

Over the years, I have integrated them into my practice to support healing and deep transformational process. It’s particularly powerful in supporting therapeutic movement, when there are no words available, or when the available words become a ‘story’, preventing change or blocking access to new pathways and inner resources. This is often the case for people who have experienced body and relational trauma, or who find themselves paralysed within seemingly intractable organisational settings. 


A lot of my clients are therapists or carers. I offer individual sessions and group work online or face to face. 

I like to consider myself as a midwife who helps my clients to become the person they fully are. It is such an honor to witness their deep transformation, work I feel privileged to do. 

I have been facilitating in Person-centred Psychotherapy training programs in France and in the UK for more than 10 years. Director of Temenos Education, I’m currently developing a new blended course on the Temenos counselling & psychotherapy program, and working in the ACP France European Certificate in Psychotherapy program. 


I have a private practice in France and online where I offer Psychotherapy for teenagers and adults and supervision to individual Psychotherapy practitioners. I’m currently offering group supervision for psychologists who specialize in working with children and young people who have been orphaned and psychologists and support workers who specialise in working in an educational setting with children and young people who are living with autism. 

A psychosociologist and consultant for 20 years, I'm also an experienced business coach. I co-founded Nakome with Helene Rollot, where I work with senior leaders and leadership teams within global corporations. I also offer individual and group supervision to coaches


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