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Guided visualisations

Visualisation is a form of meditation that uses images and symbols, connecting body and mind.


In guided visualisation you are guided on your own personal “journey" through listening to a live voice or an audio recording, using your breathing and imagination to create a calm, peaceful state that can facilitate your transformation and inner healing processes.

The way I do my visualizations is very close to shamanic work.
A straight, fast and POWERFULL way in!!
Very helpful especially with people who need to keep everything under control and for creating new inner resources to better deal with trauma.

Listening to my voice, I guide you to different landscapes and inner places. You can decide wether you take or not the suggestions so you can go on a safe journey. An usual visualisation lasts from10 to 30 minutes. I usually start with a small relaxation before entering the visualisation. The more relaxed  and safe you are, the easiest it is to enter the process of visualisation. 

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I have had many requests from practitioners for a dedicated pack relating to a specific profession, like nutritionist, or fertility coach. If you would like me to develop a dedicated program or obtain more information, again please contact me so we can discuss it.

In order to support your practice, I also offer supervision groups for those who already use guided visualisations or would like to integrate them into their practice and would like to look deeper into their practice using this type of work.

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MODULE 1= find your inner guides, and sacred place 
MODULE 2 = rewind time and space and get to learn from ancient culture and wise souls
Module 3 = heal from your past, reconnect with your inner child
MODULE 4 = reconnect and strengthen your inner power,  put yourself in a positive frame of mind and posture
MODULE  5 find protection, supportive presence
MODULE 6 = feeling at peace, relaxation time, connect with nature
MODULE 7 = healing from the past, go and get your lost pieces and put them back into place 
Module 9 = go to the emotional root cause of an issue. (Guided Introspections)



Coming up soon

will keep you posted!


The information on this site and the use of the scripts for guided visualisations is not meant to substitute for the advice provided to you by your own doctor or, or any of their affiliates or employees is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any health problem, issue or disease.

This disclaimer is here to inform you that you should be speaking with your medical professional when incorporating meditation and guided visualisation into your daily routine as a personal relaxation and stress relief practice. It’s meant to be used as a complement to whatever protocol you may already be on. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, please promptly contact your health care provider to seek professional medical attention.
When downloading and using a PDF or audio script,  you agree to those terms.


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