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Welcome to my website

Creative tools

I use different creative tools that I have developed over the years to support my practice and run workshops for groups.​

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64 cards with little heros to teach you how to do things differently and have powverfull insights for!! 

For adults and children


80 cards to break free from limitations and embrace new perspectives.

For adults and children

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72 cards to work on your emotions. 

For adults and children

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I have designed a special set of cards, and a powerful method of exploration to access our inner responses and unblock complex situations.
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How does it work?


A group session lasts about 3 hours.

"Playing" with the 3 sets of cards, everyone works in the group at the same time on their own topic. The confidentiality of the subjects discussed is respected since they do not need to be disclosed to the participants in order to be able to be explored.

The group then serves to mirror the experiences and support the change of perspectives. 
A creative way to find inner resources !

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Use the set of cards and method for?

  • unblocking complex situations and opening up new possibilities

  • shedding light on blind spots, 

  • working on your relational network and exploring relationships

  • developing new projects, unlocking your personal creativity

  • breaking through your patterns and repetitive scenarios

  • learning to give and receive

  • using and developing your emotional intelligence, your empathy your communication skills

  • finding inner responses using the right side of your brain (a direct way into your emotions and sensations)

  • managing your emotions around a difficult situation

  • boosting your self-esteem 

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