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Therapy can help with many different issues, from managing difficult emotions and behaviors to dealing with depression and anxiety or coping with traumatic experiences and events.

No matter what challenges you’re facing, therapy can offer you a safe space to explore, find inner resources and support. 

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I offer therapy sessions for adults and teenagers.

I work with clients from all over the world online.

I have a private practice face to face in France, in St Maur des Fossés. (94)

I work in English & in French.

Some sessions may be spent talking and listening and when we feel the need for it, I can, for example, offer you art materials, guided visualisations and relaxation. 

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Using creative material can help you find a way of expressing yourself beyond words or traditional talking therapies.
Engaging in this way with the right brain can be a very powerful way of working as it can allow unconscious material to surface and bring new resources to support the person’s struggle.

A straight, fast and creative way in!! Very helpful especially if you need to keep everything under control. 

Let’s find a way together to support your personal and professional growth and development. 
Welcome to my website
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A regular one to one session usually lasts 55 minutes.


Depending on the work you want to achieve, I recommend we then have a session every week or fortnightly to be in an ongoing process. 

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I also offer group work.

- Guided visualisation workshops. Following my voice and suggestions, let’s access the courage and wisdom available from going deep and opening to the mystery of your unconscious mind. 

- Workshops using creative cards to unblock issues. You are feeling stuck, join the workshop and find a way to unlock your inner doors and shift your passive energy to vivid and “alive” energy. 

Find out more about it 


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